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1. No posting any offensive or sexual messages of any kind. This includes: profanity, disgusting or violent situations, insults/harrassment of players, hentai, sexy pics, sexual symbols (especially symbols that represent male or female body parts), or any kind of *naughty* talk. (and using spaces, symbols or creative spelling to try to hide those words is not fooling anyone.) Talking about your oreintation, or the orientation of others is okay, as long as you don't purposly offend anyone.


2. This is not a dating agency, play matchmaker on your own time. In roleplays it's okay, just as long as you don't get dirty. This is a friendly site.


3. If someone claimes to be a mod, check it! We won't ask for your password, or any personal information. If a mod does so, let me know. They may lose moderator privlages. The same thing goes for any offending messages. Mods should be willing to help. Not cause trouble.


5. No account sitting! Nothing bad will happen if your away for a while! I swear! In other words, don't share your password with ANYONE. No one should need it.


6. This should be pretty clear, but in case it's not, let me say it. DON'T SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE! Honestly, no one but you needs it. On the same note, don't do anything to steal passwords. You will be banned. Also, the user will be told to change their password. I have ways to find out. Don't make me use them.


7. Hold off on the swearing! It's alright here and there, but don't make it an excessive deal. For swearing, you will be warned. If you ignore the warning, you will be banned. Hell and Damn, are infact considered swearing here.


8. Look out! There are scammers out there! I can't be responsible for all of you. Someone scams/hcks/whatevers you, I can't be blamed. I will ban them, but thats about all I can do. I won't send them a virus or whatever.

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